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In late August 2010 I started having Strange Episodes that would stop me in my tracks. I would have a "DejaVu" type experience where in my mind I would recall recent events and when this happened I would also smell a strange and strong chemical smell in my nostrils and what felt like a hot liquid trailing through my chest. It happened about once a week for the following 3 weeks and I just chalked it up to some fluke occurance and went on with my life until one day in Mid September this "strange episode" happened to me 4 times within 2 hrs and it really scared me. So I went to my Dr and he said it sounded Neurological and sent me for a battery of tests, including EEG, CT Scan and MRI and when the results came back I was stunned: I had a Brain Tumour. I had a Brain tumour measuring 4.5cm x 5.1cm sitting on the Right Temporal Lobe of my Brain, and the "Episodes" that I had been experiencing were actually seizures due to the tumour resting on my Lobe. So on October 21, 2010 I had a Craniotomy to remove the tumour. The tumour was removed without prior biospy and was only biopsied after the surgery and on December 16, 2010 when I met with my Neuro-Oncologist I was informed that what they removed from my Brain was a low Grade 2 Mixed Glioma tumour and that my Surgeons were able to remove it all. That is also when we discussed what to do as my next course of treatment, and Observation is what I chose. What this means is that I will have an MRI every 4 months for the first year Post Surgery, every 3 months the second year post surgery, every 6 months 3 years post surgery and once a year each year as my neuro Oncologist said, Until I am "gray."

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February 19, 2011

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April 25, 1980

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Brain Cancer

December 16, 2010

4.1 - 5.0 cm

Grade 2


It's ability to rob a person of their Independence and Security.

To NEVER give up and Family & Friends are one of the MOST important keys to successfully fighting and overcoming this disease!

Pray for me. And be an ear to listen when I need one.



I had Seizure symptoms which led to further testing and discovery of my Brain Tumour.








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